Crafting Emails Journalists Will Actually Read

Half of all journalists internationally receive over 25 email pitches daily, yet produce an average of 25 articles monthly. Want to write emails that are actually opened? Want higher click-through rates? Here’s how you can write emails that journalists will actually read.

Get your email opened

1. Emails with the highest open rates are always sent from personal and credible email accounts. Avoid using general ones such as
2. Craft a sweet subject line.
• Note that journalists eyeball your pitch for about 1 second before they decide whether or not to open it, so take the time to formulate something interesting and eye-catching.
• Aim to keep your subject line between 60-75 characters. If possible, include a reference to a previous distribution.
• Subject lines including “Re” or “Additional info” are opened 60% of the time, so the secret to being opened is sending a follow-up email for every pitch.
• Tips to command attention: make it a ‘first’, is unconventional, new, or a powerful human story
3. Money Mondays! To maximize open rates, always email your pitch Monday afternoons.
4. If your pitch is personal and specific, a smaller and niche media list is preferable. If your pitch is huge, breaking news – go big.
5. Make sure your contacts are up-to-date and relevant. For a reliable database, contact Pink Tiger Media’s public relations team.

Get your pitch chosen

1. You don’t need to be overly friendly, just send out the release. Skip introductions. Journalists are busy and appreciate it if you get straight to the point.
2. Click-through rates skyrocket for links to Dropbox or Google Drive folders containing high-resolution images and videos.
3. Emails gaining top click-through rates often go over 800 words. We recommend going big if relevant, but otherwise, keep it short and concise.
4. GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT! Be relevant, be timely. Ensure your pitch is relevant to the specific journalist and to current news.
5. Follow-ups are as important, so be persistent: Follow-up within one week of sending out the first pitch.

The ultimate secret to crafting a top-performing email: give them what they need
• Journalists are always lacking time, so if you give them everything they need in one email they’ll be more likely to select your pitch.
• Include a Dropbox link with the press release, and full of high-quality images, videos.

For more information and assistance on crafting emails to journalists that will be opened, contact Pink Tiger Media’s team of marketing creatives.

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