Have you Considered a Guest Spot on a Podcast?

Podcasts are a unique marketing tool that presents an opportunity for your brand to participate in one of the fastest-growing content mediums available. For example, around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week. That’s one in eight people and is an increase of 24% over the past year – and more than double over the past five years.

In a time where it is more critical than ever to have easy and direct access to your customer base, podcasts are a beneficial choice, yet often an underutilized tool. It is clear, however, that the surge in podcast usage is truly global – Japan and Hong Kong download the most podcast content in the entire APAC region with Singapore coming in fifth.

Easy to consume, podcasts offer a great Omni-channel strategy to any marketing campaign – both in the short and long term- whilst increasing traffic across your digital platforms. That is good news for your sales with 69% of US podcast listeners agreeing that podcast ads make them aware of new products or services.

For example, a well-constructed interview between two industry professionals offers an excellent opportunity for your brand to showcase their products, knowledge and expertise. The below link is an example of an industry professional doing just that in Chloe Cho’s “Maverick, Dreamers and Thinkers” podcast – How Wall Street Is Doing the Unthinkable: Trading from Home. 

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