How a simple Egg is potentially changing the advertising game

Social media marketing is expected to become the greatest source of ad revenue annually, with 2019 predicted to take in $39 billion globally. The effectiveness of social media platforms to promote brands goods and services comes down to the addictive nature of websites. On average adults spend 24 hours a week online with those aged between 16-24 averaging 34.3 hours a week online. This high engagement level is the perfect marketing playing field.

Marketing in its simplest form comes down to business promoting their goods or services in the form of advertising. With the invention of the internet and social media, businesses flocked at the attractive method to promote their products. Banner ads were the first form of online advertising with a click through rate in 1994 of 44%, comparing this to the measly 0.06% click through rate experienced today.

Today’s style of advertising has greatly advanced, with brands using innovative ways to capture attention from the public. An example from 2016 was the company ‘Dollar Shave club’, they released an advert on Facebook that diverted away from heavily gendered normative shaving industry. Releasing a razor that was neither advertised for men or woman. The Ad received positive interaction and subsequently the company’s revenue doubled to $240 million.

Advancements in AI allow businesses to utilise predictive algorithms successfully, targeting profitable audiences. AI is faster at analysing user behaviour over time and can anticipate an advert’s target audience and in turn increase engagement success rate. Brands utilise the high level of celebrity following from social media platforms. Instagram notably has exponentially grown in users, celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have over 126 Million followers, an absurd number for one user. Instagram influencers as they have come to be called, advertise other brands to their followers often by selling a lifestyle with the product. The uniqueness in the advertising industry no longer exists as the market is saturated with homogenous product ads.

One of the greatest advertising stunts in 2019 arose from a single stock image of an egg. The account named ‘World_Record_Egg’ posted the image with a simple caption of “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked image on Instagram”. No longer than a week later the egg had surpassed the previous record of 18 Million likes, blowing all ‘egg’pectation out the window with over 52.7 million likes. Having exposure to a potential 52 million people would make the brand behind the egg into an instant success story.

In the end, the out of the ordinary social phenomenon ended with a simple video posted onto the account. The egg announced that it ‘cracked under the pressure of social media’, revealing a website ( that helps those struggling with mental health find information on the subject. It was a powerful move from the account holder Chris Godfrey to choose a non-profit website to be the focus of account. Using the instant fame and humour surrounding the egg to break down social barriers around mental health. It’s an ingenious ad that fuses the often absurdity of social media with real world issues, leaving us something to think about and a promising beginning to 2019.


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