PINK TIGER MEDIA celebrates International Tiger Day!

International Tiger Day is an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness for the world’s endangered tiger population. Created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit with the goal of promoting a global system that protects the tiger species through conservation efforts in habitat protection, public awareness and support. This informative graphic outlines the diversity within the tiger species and the threats that they currently face.

Notably, the revered white tiger is not in itself a distinct breed. It is the result of a very rare genetic mutation that may occur naturally in a tiger population. Sadly, however, humans have tried to emulate this gene through persistent inbreeding that results in tigers being born with genetic defects.

The world’s forests and jungles where once home to nine different tiger species, that number has now dropped to six. Most shockingly, within those six, all are endangered and a further two are considered to be critically endangered.

Organizations that currently seek to protect our remaining tiger population include:
1. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
2. Panthera
3. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
4. The Corbett Foundation (TCF)
5. Big Cat Rescue

PINK TIGER MEDIA has recently adopted a Malaysian tiger through the World Wildlife Fund. Click here for the full article.

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